If you're gonna do it, do it right

When You Do It… Do It Right

Protect Yourself

Safe sex isn’t just a healthy choice. It means better sex.

Use condoms when you’re hooking up, when you’re dating, and when you’re enjoying a night of no-strings-attached fun.

Are you not really feeling the feel of condoms? Experiment. Shop around and try out different brands and types until you find the right fit and type for you. Just like partners, no two types of condoms are the same. If you’re not feeling the price, you can buy in bulk or take part in DC’s free condom distribution program.


The less you worry, the more you can enjoy what—and who—is in front of you. To ensure you’re having the best sex, make regular testing a habit. Add testing to your annual checkup, or drop into a clinic after a hookup. Getting tested every three months is recommended if you’re with multiple partners.


Safe sex isn't just a healthy choice; it means better sex.

Get Tested

You’ll find many options for testing available in DC. (Some are free and some aren’t.) If you have a physician you see regularly, ask them about your options. You can also use the widget below if you do not currently have a primary physician.

Find Testing Locations
Find Testing Locations